The underlying potential is unlocked through a combination of strategic change, improved management and sustained investment.

A leader in private equity investments Genesis private equity funds focus primarily on investments in large and medium-sized companies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East on selected international investment opportunities.

For many years Genesis funds have invested in a large number of Asia and African-based real estate projects and companies operating in different sectors.

In a dedicated partnership with management of the portfolio company .Genesis Investments seeks to create value in its investments through committed ownership and by targeting strategic development and operational improvements.

Genesis's model for value creation is characterized by a careful approach to investment selection, a drive for excellence and a committed ownership mindset. Genesis's disciplined investing involves multiple deal sourcing channels, careful analysis, thorough due diligence and a clear post acquisition plan.

Genesis provides committed ownership and support to portfolio company management and encourages a hands-on operational approach to problem solving.

Genesis's overriding aim is to build enduring partnerships and create long- term value, whether by creating new industrial combinations, pursuing a strategic repositioning or exploring internationalization opportunities.

Genesis's investment advisors have extensive experience in private equity investments, real estate and infrastructure projects, mergers and acquisitions.

Investment professionals have backgrounds in investment banking, management consulting, real estate and industry. In addition, a unique and extensive external network of experienced industrialists and specialists advise Genesis on a situation by situation basis.